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HedgeDoc - wizzdom

HedgeDoc is deployed with nomad on aperture as a docker container. It is accessible through

HedgeDoc auths against LDAP and its configuration is available here

All sensitive variables are stored in the consul KV store.

The important points are as follows:

  • connecting to the database:
CMD_DB_URL = "postgres://{{ key "hedgedoc/db/user" }}:{{ key "hedgedoc/db/password" }}@{{ env "NOMAD_ADDR_db" }}/{{ key "hedgedoc/db/name" }}"
  • disabling anonymous users and email signup:
CMD_ALLOW_ANONYMOUS      = "false"
CMD_EMAIL                = "false"
  • LDAP configuration:
CMD_LDAP_URL             = "{{ key "hedgedoc/ldap/url" }}"
CMD_LDAP_SEARCHBASE      = "ou=accounts,o=redbrick"
CMD_LDAP_SEARCHFILTER    = "{{`(uid={{username}})`}}"
CMD_LDAP_USERIDFIELD     = "uidNumber"

See the HedgeDoc docs for more info on configuration.


The HedgeDoc database is backed up periodically by a nomad job, the configuration for which is here.

The bulk of this job is this script which:

  • grabs the alloc_id of the currently running HedgeDoc allocation from nomad
  • execs into the container running pg_dumpall dumping the database into a file with the current date and time
  • if the backup is unsuccessful the script notifies the admins on discord via a webhook.

file=/storage/backups/nomad/postgres/hedgedoc/postgresql-hedgedoc-$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S).sql

mkdir -p /storage/backups/nomad/postgres/hedgedoc

alloc_id=$(nomad job status hedgedoc | grep running | tail -n 1 | cut -d " " -f 1)

job_name=$(echo ${NOMAD_JOB_NAME} | cut -d "/" -f 1)

nomad alloc exec -task hedgedoc-db $alloc_id pg_dumpall -U {{ key "hedgedoc/db/user" }} > "${file}"

find /storage/backups/nomad/postgres/hedgedoc/postgresql-hedgedoc* -ctime +3 -exec rm {} \; || true

if [ -s "$file" ]; then # check if file exists and is not empty
  echo "Backup successful"
  exit 0
  rm $file
  curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d \
  '{"content": "<@&585512338728419341> `PostgreSQL` backup for **'"${job_name}"'** has just **FAILED**\nFile name: `'"$file"'`\nDate: `'"$(TZ=Europe/Dublin date)"'`\nTurn off this script with `nomad job stop '"${job_name}"'` \n\n## Remember to restart this backup job when fixed!!!"}' \
  {{ key "postgres/webhook/discord" }}