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Bind9 - distro, ylmcc

Bind9 is our DNS provider. Currently it runs on Paphos, but is being moved to Fred during the restructuring.


The config files for bind are located in /etc/bind/master/. The most important file in this directory is the file.


You must never update this file without following the steps below first!


Updating DNS

To update DNS:

  1. Change directory to /etc/bind/master
  2. Back up the file, usually to
  3. Run rndc freeze - this stops changes to the file affecting dns while you edit it
  4. Edit
  5. Before changing any DNS entry in the file, you must edit the serial number on 4. You can increment it by one if you want, or follow the format: YYYYMMDDrev where rev is revision
  6. Once you are happy with your file, you can check it with named-checkzone
  7. If this returns no errors, you are free to run rndc thaw
  8. Check the status of bind9 by running service bind9 status

You can access more logs from bind9 by checking /var/log/named/default.log.

Last update: 2023-10-11