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Familiarise yourself with the layout of the following. Bookmarking the page is also a good shout.

NixOS documentation

Who is NixOS and what Does He Do

NixOS is a distribution of linux that is focused on having a config-first operating system to run services. The advantages of such an approach are the following:

  • Files dictate how an installation is set up, and as such, can be versioned and tracked in your favourite VCS.
  • New configs can be tested, and safely rolled back.
  • Can be used for both physical and virtual machines in the same way.

Further reading on this can be found on the about page.

Being an Admin: NixOS and You

There's a couple of things you'll need to do before you get started with NixOS:

Depending on the powers that be, some sort of normal pr contribution will be acceptable, if you have access a branch is appropriate, in all other cases make a fork and pr back to Redbrick's repo. This will be case by case for those of you reading.

Here's a quick hit list of stuff that's worthy of book marking also as you work with Nix:

Nix is pretty small as an OS so setting yourself up a node, either as a home server, or as a VM is a solid way to practice how stuff works in an actual environment and lets you work independently of Redbrick. A service you configure at home should be able to run on Redbrick, and vice versa.

Getting Set up to Start Deploying Stuff

  • The first step is to navigate to the ssh service config in the nix-config repo here.

  • Make a pull request asking to add the PUBLIC KEY of your ssh key pait to the config file.

    • The best thing to do is to copy the previous line and modify it to contain your details instead.
    • At time of writing, it is expected for you to generate a ssh-ed25519 key. This is subject to change with new cryprographic standards.
  • Once this is done, contact one of the currently set up users to pull and reload the given machines and you'll have access right away using the accompanying key.