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New Elected Admins

The chronological process of becoming an admin usually looks very similar each year. There are some important things you should know.

Remember, being a SysAdmin for the society is not a job, it is a volunteered task you sign up to - don't stress yourself out over it, have fun, and hopefully learn a thing or two. : )


Admin Exam

Anyone wishing to run and be elected as a SysAdmin must complete a technical exam as an assessment of your knowledge and competency in solving some of the many problems that will be thrown at you.

You can find some archives of past exams here, however note that these vary year to year as they are created each year by the currently elected admins.

Election at AGM

At the annual general meeting, you may nominate yourself, or have someone nominate you to run for SysAdmin. You may only run if you have passed the Admin exam.

The amount of admins per year is usually three, to be elected, you must be in the top three voted members.


If you are successfully elected - congrats! We welcome you to this pain joy filled journey :)

After being elected it is your time to learn the ropes and become familiar with the technicalities of Redbrick.

Not alone of course! The previous Admins will assist you on this journey and be there to answer any of your questions, along with this documentation.