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Redbrick uses Gitea as an open source git host.


Gitea and its database are deployed to Hardcase which runs NixOS

  • The actual repositories are stored in /zroot/git and most other data is stored in /var/lib/gitea
  • The SECRET_KEY and INTERNAL_TOKEN_URI are stored in /var/secrets. They are not automatically created and must be copied when setting up new hosts. Permissions on the gitea_token.secret must be 740 and owned by git:gitea
  • Make sure that the gitea_token.secret does NOT have a newline character in it.

Other Notes

The Giteadmin credentials are in the passwordsafe.


Gitea is very well documented in itself. Here's a couple of special commands when deploying/migrating Gitea to a different host.

# Regenerate hooks which fixes push errors
/path/to/gitea admin regenerate hooks

# If you didn't copy the authorized_keys folder then regen that too
/path/to/gitea admin regenerate keys