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About Aperture

Aperture is Redbrick's fleet of hardware that was installed in May 2022 by distro, pints, skins, cawnj, ymacomp and arkues.

It consists of:

CPU RAM Storage
AMD 7302P 3GHz, 16C/32T, 128M, 155W, 3200 2x 16GB RDIMM, 3200MT/s Dual Rank 4x 2TB SATA HDDs (hardware RAID)
  • 2x Ubiquiti USW Pro - rivendell, isengard
  • 1x Ubiquiti UDM Pro - mordor


The three servers are named glados , wheatley and chell.


The firewall is called mordor, and the two 24-port switches are called rivendell and isengard.


The IP address range for the aperture subnet is, with being used for user VMs.

Hostname Internal Address External Address Purpose
mordor N/A Firewall
rivendell N/A Switch
isengard N/A Switch
glados Server
wheatley Server
chell Server


Blue cables are used for production network.


nexus is the name of the KVM switch. It's internal IP address is

glados is connected on port 1, wheatley on port 2, and chell on port 3.


Yellow cables are used for KVM network.


The new servers are all equipped with IDRACs. These still need to be configured.


Red cables are used for IDRAC network.

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Switching from the Old Network to the New

We have two address ranges that come in on a single redundant link, so we're exchanging that redundant link for two separate links, each taking responsibility for an address range ( and So we're surrendering redundancy to gain uptime/connectivity during the switchover only. Once the new servers are production ready, we can recombine the link to regain the redundancy.