When I re-installed the boards I had some nice document written on how to install it and stuff. Something crashed though, and I never had time to rewrite it.

Boards runs on a piece of software called inn (InterNetNews) version 2.something. It's in repos as 3inn2. The google turned up this document about it. You shouldn't really need to touch it anyway.

Reinstalling news

I don't remember exactly what was involved, but here's what I do remember:

  • Install inn2 from repos (not inn, which gives you version 1, which is completly different)
  • Copy /etc/news/, /var/spool/news & /var/lib/news (and possibly something else) to the new machine
  • You have to rebuild the history or something before it'll work, there's a command that I can't remember.

Mailing list boards

Stuff like this is generated by piping into a script from a mail alias

  # Mailing list to news aliases.
  # $Id: lists_aliases,v 1.5 2003/11/13 11:05:47 tuama Exp $

  redbrick-bugtraq: "|/srv/admin/scripts/m2n/ lists.bugtraq"
  redbrick-ilug: "|/srv/bin/m2n/ lists.ilug"
  gmail-invites: "|/srv/admin/scripts/m2n/"
  redbrick-debian-security: "|/srv/admin/scripts/m2n/ lists.debian-security"
  redbrick-apache: "|/srv/admin/scripts/m2n/ lists.apache"
  redbrick-exim: "|/srv/admin/scripts/m2n/ lists.exim"

Note: The stuff like announce or gamessoc mails going to boards is generated by mailman


Link looks after this.

Checklist for INN2 reinstall

  • Install INN2 from apt.
  • Copy the following : /etc/news, /var/spool/news, /var/lib/news to the relevant parts of the new machine.
  • Run makehistory -0
  • cd to /var/lib/news and run makedbz -s $(wc -l < history) -o
  • Reconfigure slrn to use this copy of Inn and check everything's there.
  • Change the ip for news.

Stopping annoying daily mail

$ head /etc/cron.d/inn2

# Expire old news and overview entries nightly, generate reports.

15 4    * * *   news    test -x /usr/lib/news/bin/news.daily && news.daily expireover lowmark delayrm nomail > /dev/null

Moving news

  • Install inn2 (obviously enough)
  • Follow the instructions here here
  • Note that you do not need anything in passwd.nntp, as I was led to believe, we seemed to hit upon some sort of weird bug, as long as the old server is listed in incoming.conf.