RB Scripts

This page should contain details of redbrick scripts.


This is a python wrapper for quota. It is set to use quota with the -Q option, so it won't print errors for servers without rpc.quotad (usually the backup machine). This should be in /srv/bin, and gets executed from /etc/shell_cmd on login as long as there is no $HOME/.hushlogin

Packaged as rbquota on packages.redbrick.dcu.ie


Shell scripts for user dot-files.

Packaged as redbrick-noscripts on packages.redbrick.dcu.ie


Another shell script, to be found in /srv/bin. Expects helpfiles to be available from /srv/help. The help files are just plain text files that are easily editable. These files should be editable by the helpdesk group.

Packaged as redbrick-help on packages.redbrick.dcu.ie


These setup dot-files for slrn if they don't already exist. Users that run slrn without ever running news will get horrible errors.

Packaged as redbrick-news on packages.redbrick.dcu.ie


Things which are just aliases


$ which chat
chat: aliased to irssi --config=/etc/irssi-chat.conf


$ which motd
motd: aliased to cat -s /etc/motd


$ which rbmysql
rbmysql: aliased to /usr/bin/mysql -h mysql.internal -u receive -p receive