Post-powercut todo list

A list of things that should be done/checked immediately after a power cut:

  • Check KVM, hit ctrl+D on minerva to make sure it boots.
  • Check KVM, hit F1 on sprout to make sure it boots
  • Check KVM, sometimes you need to press F1 on carbon for it to boot
  • Stop Exim on the mail server (Morpheus) until minerva (NFS) is online.
  • For murphy:
    • If LDAP is down, you'll need to use the ALOM to do the next step.
    • Check that ldapclient started (svcs -xv). If it didn't, run svcadm clear ldap/client to make it start. This usually happens because murphy comes back before morpheus does, and the LDAP client won't start due to lack of an LDAP server.
    • Apache is stupid and tries to start before networking is finished starting. To fix it, disable/re-enable it a few times. This usually makes it turn on.

Fill this in if there's stuff I've forgotten.