DRAC access


Our two poweredges have a DRAC, an embedded 'Dell Remote Access Controller' This allows us to:

  • Perform remote reboots, shutdown, power up.
  • View the actual VGA console, and even use it, but incredibly slowly.
  • View all sorts of sensor information.

These embedded systems are running a few services like ftp, https, vnc, but we're only interested in https, the others aren't really useful on their own and should be ignored.

They are protected by ssl and a username/password, but since we don't want them being fucked with, they're physically seperated from our other networks.

The only machine on our network that can access these is currently sprout.redbrick.dcu.ie. T

The DRAC network is: 192.168.1.x - don't confuse this with our internal network, 192.168.0.x!

Note that carbon is on .2 because at some point there was a gateway on .1, or crap.

DRAC network diagram

  digraph DRAC {
    node [color=Red,fontname=Courier,shape=Mrecord]
    edge [color=Blue, style=dashed]
    sprout [label="{sprout|.8}"]
    carbon [label="{carbon | DRAC | .1}"]
    deathray [label="{deathray | DRAC | .3}"]
    murphy [label="{murphy | ALOM | .14}"]
    cynic [label="{cynic | RSC | .23}"]
    pike [label="{pike | IP-KVM | .123}"]
    hub->{carbon deathray murphy cynic pike}

To access the DRAC on either machine, you'll need to do some ssh port forwarding via sprout.

Forward local port 443 to via fap.

ssh -L 443: username@b4.redbrick.dcu.ie

Open https://localhost in your browser and you should have the requested machine's DRAC login page there. Eventually. They're slow fuckers. You can get the login details from pwsafe.


You'll need a browser with a JRE to get anywhere. The remote console doesn't appear to work with ssh forwarding, I think one may need to forward port 5900 (vnc) too, but not sure.

Ryaner - 5901 is where the vnc comes from. You'll need to forward that or remote listen for it. I did both and it worked so.

-- phaxx - 28/04/05