Redbrick Network Setup

Redbrick's network comprises three VLANs all of which are present on Hadron.

The three VLANs are:

  • Internal
  • External
  • Management

Other notible networks in Redbrick are:

  • RBVM Subnet
  • Severus VPN

Internal VLAN


The internal network is used for internally hosted services that should not be accessible from the outside. eg NFS, LDAP, MySQL etc.

Blue or grey cables are used when connecting a server to this network.

External VLAN


The external network is used for publically hosted services eg. SSH, Webhosting, DNS etc.

Red cables are used when connecting a server to this network.

The External VLAN spans the Redbrick server room and the library, allowing Serverus to be mapped onto the External VLAN.

Management VLAN


The management network is used solely for management cards. The only server (non-management card) connected to this network is halfpint.

Yellow cables are used when connecting a server to this network.

RBVM Subnet


The RBVM Subnet is a whole /24 used solely for user VMs provided by RBVM. The RBVM subnet is firewalled by data.

A green cable is connected directly from data to daniel.

Severus VPN


The Severus VPN is used as a means of connecting Severus to the internal network over the External VLAN. Static routes are created to route traffic for the internal VLAN subnet ( over the VPN.

The VPN is hosted on halfpint with a packet forwarding enabled and a basic pf setup.

Network diagram (2017)

Colours represent the networks each server is connected to.

  • Red: External VLAN
  • Blue: Internal VLAN
  • Yellow: Management VLAN
  • Green: RBVM Subnet crossover
digraph redbrick {
    # Style
    node [color=green,fontname=Courier,shape=Mrecord,style=filled];
    edge [color=Blue, style=dashed];

    # Variables
    heanet[label="HEAnet" color=lightblue shape=box];
    dcu [label="DCU Firewall" color=lightblue shape=box];
    power [label="Main Power" shape=triangle color=yellow];
    cerberus [label="{ srx220 | <bold>Cerberus | junos | Firwall}" color=purple]
    hadron [label="{ <bold> Hadron | cisco | Internal Switch}" color=purple]
    higgs [label ="{<bold> Higgs | junos | Internal network }" color=purple]
    kvm [label="{IP KVM}" color= lightskyblue];
    worf[label="{<bold> Worf | DAS }" color=tan]
    pdu1[label="" style=filled color=orange]
    pdu2[label="" style=filled color=orange]
    manage[label="{Management Network | junos}" color=purple]

    # Machines
    azazel[label="{R515 | <bold> azazel | Ubuntu 14.04.5 | 12 cores | 16GB memory | Login}"]
    paphos[label="{R710 | <bold> paphos | Ubuntu 14.04.5 | 16 cores | 16GB memory | IRC | Mail | LDAP}"]
    albus[label="{R515 | <bold> albus | Ubuntu 16.04.2 | 16 cores | 32GB memory | Backups}"]
    clyde[label="{R210 | <bold> clyde | Ubuntu 12.04.4 | 8 cores | 8GB memory | GameSoc}"]
    meth[label="{R710 | <bold> metharme | Ubuntu 12.04.5 | 16 cores | 16GB memory | MySQL | Apache}"]
    pyg[label="{R710 | <bold> Pygmalion | Ubuntu 16.04.2 | 16 cores | 16GB memory | Development}"]
    zeus[label="{R410 | <bold> zeus | Ubuntu 16.04.2 | 16 cores | 32GB memory | Git | Bitlbee | Monitoring | Docker Services}"]
    halfpint[label="{R710 | <bold> halfpint | freeBSD 9 | 4 cores | 8gb memory | PWSafe Docs}"]

    # Connections
    heanet -> dcu [label="2x100Gb" color=grey style=solid];
    dcu -> cerberus [label="1x1Gb" color=grey style=solid];
    hadron -> { azazel paphos albus clyde meth pyg zeus halfpint } [color=red];
    azazel -> higgs;
    paphos -> higgs;
    albus -> higgs;
    clyde -> higgs;
    meth -> higgs;
    pyg -> higgs;
    zeus -> higgs;
    halfpint -> higgs;
    higgs -> kvm [color=goldenrod];
    higgs -> manage [label="VPN" color=goldenrod];
    kvm -> manage [color=goldenrod];
    manage -> { pdu1, pdu2} [label="IP PDU"];
    pdu1 -> power;
    pdu2 -> power;
    azazel -> worf [label="Fiber line" color=grey style=bold];

    # Rank
    {rank=same; heanet dcu };
    {rank=same; azazel paphos albus clyde meth pyg zeus halfpint };

Network Diagram