rbvmctl is the rbvm command line utility. It is located on daniel. Any of the following subcommands will work:

changeip        Changes the IP assigned to a VM.
changename      Changes the name of a VM.
listusers       Displays a list of users.
listvms         Displays a list of virtual machines.
showvm          Displays detailed information on a virtual machine.
resetpw         Allows a user's password to be reset.
help            Displays help information.

To get more information on a specific item, run 'rbvmctl help topicname', where topicname is one of the commands listed above.

maK has created an rbvm-delvm script in python.

This allows for the management of rbvm resources on Daniel.

These include

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -l          List all users
  -u USER     list specified users vms
  -dba        List database layout!
  -d DUMP     dump a specified table
  -rm VMID    STEP1: Choose a vm by id to remove & remove Image
  -f DBFORCE  STEP2: Force vmid removal from DB
  -free       List free vm IPs

The Syntax for each command is as follows:

rbvm-delvm -l

Lists each user with an account on rbvm in the format username - uid rbvm-delvm -u USER Lists all VMs owned by a given USER (name assigned at rbvm-createuser) returns format User|VM_Name|VM_ID|PID|Last_launch|IP|MAC rbvm-delvm -dba Outputs the Schema of the SQLITE DB for the VMs rbvm-delvm -d DUMP Dumps a Table $DUMP from the SQLITE DB for the VMs rbvm-delvm -rm VM_ID Removes the image for a given VM_ID referenced in the DB rbvm-delvm -f VM_ID Removes the entry corresponding to this VM_ID from the Table of VMs rbvm-delvm -free Lists all remaining available ip addresses in the subnet for allocation