Plan for Worf

Page for discussing the pending move of /storage from minerva to worf on 6th/7th Feb

Before Down Time

  • Announce Down time -- Lotta sending initial notice today or tomorrow, more information next week

  • Rsync /storage to worf mounted on Ceiling Cat

  • Migrate disk quotas to worf (see below)

During Down Time

  • Before turning off minerva, comment out the /storage lines in /etc/fstab. When minerva comes up with the controller, the new array may be sda by default, we don't know.

  • Install Dell Controller into Minerva

  • Final Rsync to worf

  • Unmount Minerva's Array

  • Mount worf as /storage

Post Down Time

  • Work out stratagy for using minerva's array for backups

Quota migration script

This needs to do the same as we did for the carbon/deathray -> minerva move (slightly less complicated, last time we were coming from two separate arrays, this time we've only got one to worry about)

new_quota = 2GB (or something)
for each user:
 old_quota = (use quota command to find their quotas)
 if user quota < new_quota:
     use setquota on worf to set the user's quota to new_quota
     use setquota on worf to set the user's quota to old_quota