Serial Access

Sprout has 7 serial ports for plugging in things which have nice serial interfaces (basically the sun & cisco stuff).

At the time of writing the following devices are setup:

  • cynic

  • daniel

  • enzyme

  • hadron

  • morpheus

  • murphy

The console command

The console command lists the configured devices, and gives some basic help information to them who might be new.


if [ -n "$1" ]; then

        if [ -f /etc/minicom/minirc.$1 ]; then
                exec /usr/local/bin/minicom $1
                exit 0
                echo "The device $1 is not configured"

echo "The following devices are configured for serial access:"

devices=`ls /etc/minicom/minirc*|grep -v dfl`
for device in $devices; do
        echo "    * ${device:(20)}"
echo "Run 'console `<device>` to connect. This does not need to be ran as root."
echo "There are docs on:"

This is pretty quick and dirty, speaks for itself.

Minicom Configuration

There is a config file for each device in /etc/minicom/. Stuff here overrides any default config, generally this is only the port, but it could be used to set other options on a per client basis.


One day someone will re-install. If that's you, and you're trying to make it work you need to run

/dev/MAKEDEV tty04
/dev/MAKEDEV tty05
/dev/MAKEDEV tty08

There is no documentation on this, I've just saved you three weeks of your life, your sanity, and possibly your hair. I expect to be repaid in pints.