network_interface=e1000g0 { hostname=murphy
                        default_route= }


any - -    murphy_profile  -
# version=2 checksum=2254


install_type    initial_install
system_type     server

# Disk Partitions
partitioning    explicit
filesys         mirror:d10      c1t0d0s0        c1t1d0s0        6000    /
filesys         mirror:d20      c1t0d0s1        c1t1d0s1        56000   /local
filesys         c1t0d0s2        4000    swap
filesys         c1t1d0s2        4000    swap

filesys         c1t0d0s3        1500    /local/zones/noraid/webhost/vartmp
filesys         c1t0d0s4        free    /tmp
filesys         c1t0d0s5        500     /var/tmp

filesys         c1t1d0s3        500     /local/zones/noraid/webhost/tmp
filesys         c1t1d0s4        free    /local/zones/noraid/webhost/cache
filesys         c1t1d0s5        500     /local/zones/noraid/dbbhost/vartmp
filesys         c1t1d0s6        500     /local/zones/noraid/dbbhost/tmp

For the mad looking mounts, i just wanted to create the partitions during the install.

They've all been deleted, and the devices are added directly to the zone

metadb          c1t0d0s6        size 8192       count 2
metadb          c1t1d0s7        size 8192       count 2

# Sun Packages
cluster         SUNWCall        add
cluster         SUNWCapache     delete
cluster         SUNWCapch2      delete
cluster         SUNWCbrowser    delete
cluster         SUNWCbrowserdev delete
cluster         SUNWCdtrun      delete
cluster         SUNWCdtts       delete
cluster         SUNWCdtusr      delete
cluster         SUNWCgnapps     delete
cluster         SUNWCgnbaslib   delete
cluster         SUNWCgndev      delete
cluster         SUNWCgndevlib   delete
cluster         SUNWCgnrun      delete
cluster         SUNWCgnex       delete
cluster         SUNWCmoz        delete
cluster         SUNWCmozdeveloper delete
cluster         SUNWCsmba       delete
cluster         SUNWCstaroffice delete
cluster         SUNWCtcat       delete
cluster         SUNWCxorglibs   delete
cluster         SUNWCxorgserver delete
cluster         SUNWCxscreensaver delete
cluster         SUNWCevo        delete
cluster         SUNWCevodev     delete
cluster         SUNWCbdb        delete
cluster         SUNWCdtdev      delete
cluster         SUNWCmlibdev    delete
cluster         SUNWCmlibusr    delete
cluster         SUNWCpostgr     delete
cluster         SUNWCpostgr-dev delete
cluster         SUNWCpostgr-82  delete
cluster         SUNWCpostgr-82-dev delete
cluster         SUNWCsppp       delete
cluster         SUNWCtltk       delete
cluster         SUNWCtltkp      delete
cluster         SUNWCxwdev      delete
cluster         SUNWCmozplugins delete
cluster         SUNWCgna11y     delete  
cluster         SUNWCgna11ydev  delete

# adding stuff
package         SUNWPython-share add
package         SUNWPython      add

# adding for dependencies
#package                SUNWdtdmr       add

# removing for dependencies
package         SUNWpgadmin3    delete
package         SUNWxvnc        delete
package         SUNWfsexam delete
package         SUNWdtct delete
package         SUNWipplr delete
package         SUNWxorg-tsol-module delete
package         SUNWserweb delete
package         SUNWswupclr delete
package         SUNWpmowm delete
package         SUNWjre-config delete
package         SUNWjmfmp3 delete
package         SUNWswupcl delete
package         SUNWpmowu delete
package         SUNWjmf delete
package         SUNWmcos delete
package         SUNWzfsgu delete
package         SUNWmcosx delete
package         SUNWasac delete
package         SUNWmcon delete
package         SUNWmcex delete
package         SUNWlvmg delete
package         SUNWlvmr delete
package         SUNWmddr delete
package         SUNWlvma delete
package         SUNWpmgr delete
package         SUNWmgts delete
package         SUNWdclnt delete
package         SUNWtsmc delete
package         SUNWrmui delete
package         SUNWwbmc delete
package         SUNWmc delete
package         SUNWmcc delete
package         SUNWtsr delete
package         SUNWtsu delete
package         SUNWtsg delete
package         SUNWctlu delete
package         SUNWmp delete
package         SUNWlpmsg delete
package         SUNWmga delete
package         SUNWiiimr delete
package         SUNWolrte delete
package         SUNWxwfa delete
package         SUNWxwdem delete
package         SUNWxorg-client-programs delete