Thunder General Setup Info

Hardware Setup

  • Pentium 4

  • 2GB RAM

  • DELL CERC RAID Controller

  • Tower enclosure

  • Ubuntu 8.04

Disk Layout

  • 4x500gb disks on the controller

  • This is split into a raid 10 array for the OS

  • And a raid 5 array for /backup

Backup Setup

Read dirvish


Thunder is a mysql replication slave. The replication user is called replication, the password for this is in pwsafe. The mysql docs on how to set this up are fairly good. The procedure for resyncing this with the master is documented on the mysql page.

Known Issues

  • The onboards SATA ports appear not to work

  • It doesn't like talking to USB keyboards.

  • One of the older disks (disk 2), may be dodgy. They were both dodgy. They died. I cried.