Sprout runs OpenBSD. We like OpenBSD. Sprout is the new fap, welmar & obelisk all rolled into a nice dell case.

Other things you should know about sprout:

  • It's a dual Xeon poweredge 1600 with 1gb of ram.

  • We bought it for €200 on adverts.ie

  • It's scsi controller seems botched, it uses two ide disks that used to be in fap.

  • It has two CD drives, one works, and the other is to fill up the blank space.

  • The floppy drive would work, but johan disconnected the cable.

  • The network cards came from asplodey (the only good part of aspolodey). Of course this meant some "custimzation" was required to make them actually fit.

Things which sprout does


Sprout is the loghost. /var/log is an entire 200gb ide disk. It is expected that this will be full in about 2020, long after I'm gone.


Runs on sprout apache. Doesn't use any databases.


Documented here (kinda)

Console Server

Documented here

In Progress

  • Console server

  • Runs an OSSEC website hereserver, that gets reports of log analysis and file integrity checking from all the machines.