Redbrick Desktop (ceilingcat)


It was decided that redbrick should invest in a desktop computer for the server room, so that admins who don't own laptops can access things like Google when everything else is breaking, and stuff. It also has hardware virtualisation support, which will be nice for things like testing out software configurations, playing with things before they're installed on the live machines, and maybe even developing VM images before deploying them on a production machine.

  • Ubuntu 9.10
  • Core 2 Duo E6550 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 80GB SATA disk & old IDE disk from enigma in crazy sotfware raid setup
  • Intel X3100 GPU

Rootholders have superuser access. Any committee members who want it also have accounts on it.

Munger is set up in the GNOME printer configuration, so printing stuff is easy.

It might also be useful for clubs and socs days, if anyone is adventurous enough to bring it downstairs and expose it to the wilderness for a day.

Remote access

The machine is left on most of the time, and can be accessed via SSH at Do not rely on being able to access it, though, as it tends to be rebooted far more often than, say, a server.

If any root holders want an account on it, bug one of the current admins.